About Crossplex

Crossplex:  weave cross-compiled systems in make

cross [krɒs, kros] noun or verb: the act of mixing different species or varieties to produce hybrids
-plex [pleks] nom. sing. ending: having parts or units

The Crossplex package of make macros simplifies your builds.  It allows you to organize many different products under a logical structure, making systems of any complexity easy to specify.  When you have many different target platforms each with multiple different software configurations, Crossplex keeps those configurations from stepping on each other, without requiring redundancy in your source tree. 
Crossplex allows you to use a single dependency tree encompassing both in-house software and third-party packages, and it is particularly suited to build automation.  Crossplex makes it easy to shield your build from the host environment, setting all shell variables explicitly, and giving you complete control over the path that is used at any point in the build.  This is nice when you want to support building on a variety of development platforms.
Crossplex scales to your needs. You can dabble in the unpacking and patching features as you need them, or you can base your entire system from the ground up on the Crossplex framework.